I am a submissive. I practice BDSM. Yes i have boundries i will not cross. I need to be submissive, guided, Taken in Hand by my Master. It is not about sex implicitly it is about my needing to submit to His Authority in all matters not just sexually. Our relationship is 24/7 and can not be stopped or replayed as suggested in this article. Its not about sceneing, my boundries are the same in or out of BDSM.

For Example, i would never consent to another woman. We freely discuss our likes and dislikes like any other couple. We have a general consent also.. no safeword.

Trust, love and respect rule our relationsip. The only difference is we bring the BDSM in as part of it.

Our relationship is focused not on the play but on the relationship itself. Some BDSM relationships might be as the article suggested, but not in my experience.

by Melwnee on 2005 Aug 14 - 20:49 | reply to this comment Cocking a snoot at the squares Carlfby has given, briefly, an overview of only one aspect. Scene-oriented, party or private, BDSM can be much as he notes with the submissive person 'in charge' (whether female or male). Much of the publicly visible material is like this.

There has been of recent years a very strong sense of style active in this mileu (eg, Goth, visible piercings or tattoos, clothing covered with metal studs or prongs, ...), though it's not universal, nor are all Goths etc into any sort of BDSM. I personally think that much of this is not built on inherent qualities of mind or fundamental sexuality, but is much more epater les bourgoise -- if I recall the phrase right. In plain English, it's something like cocking a snoot at the squares. One of the rites of separation / independence from parents and all that stodginess.

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