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AX6600 Whole Home Coverage Get ready for a seamless internet experience with the HUAWEI WiFi? Mesh 7. Setup is super-easy, and it delivers strong Wi-Fi signal to all connected devices throughout your home, allowing you to successfully eliminate dead spots. HUAWEI WiFi? Mesh 7 keeps all your Wi-Fi devices connected, supporting up to 250+ connections3. You can watch HD movies, tune into live streams, and play online games all at the same time, with less buffering. Tri-band Super Networking for a Better Experience Create a mesh network with a 5 GHz high band, a 5 GHz low band and a 2.4 GHz simultaneously, bringing you exceptional speeds and a network efficiency boost of 17%3. The signal remains strong even against obstacles and interferences. HarmonyOS Mesh+ allows your devices to seamlessly connect to the most optimal Wi-Fi signal, so you can always enjoy high-speeds and a stable network as you move around your home. Powered by HarmonyOS, HUAWEI WiFi? Mesh 7 protects you and your family's network security via anti-brute force, anti-ARP spoofing, one-click removal of strangers, and WPA3. Stated data is the theoretical maximum speed (574 Mbps @2.4 GHz +1201 Mbps @5 GHz +4804 Mbps@5 GHz). Actual speeds may vary depending on usage conditions and connected devices. Certain Android phones with non-standard NFC may not support One-Touch Connect. Supported by devices featuring 802.11kvr protocol.

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