Kurt, My point was that in your earlier post you reduced a persons worth down to beauty and age. As you get older you might find your view changes. . In isolation yes a 25 yo women is hotter than a 40 yo generally speaking. But that does not mean to say women desperately have to spend their youthful fun years worrying about chastity of landing an acceptable hubby. You sound like a victorian uncle. You may know lots of childless unhappy 39 years women who had lots of partners in their youth and are now haggard and unwanted. Well if thats your observation I can’t argue with that. All I can say is that an attractive modern women in her late 30′s wants a relationship then she tends to succeed. They may have to join an agency or put on a nice frock but they get there in the end. . I’m trying to think of any of my college friends or colleagues without kids or partners. It’s not easy. I had few gay friends who never adopted. I knew one stunning friend who had severe mental issues. She was still single last time I heard. Some of my lesser conventianlly attractive friends took a while to settle but they got there. All of the sexually active girls did ok in that regard later in life. So don’t get the need for panic.

81Kurt December 29, 2010 at 6:16 am Jess, I am not in my 20s – I am 35 and I do prefer slightly younger women – they are better looking and are often nicer and far less jaded than women my own age. You are married, so you are out of the game now. However, when you were dating were you ever out on a date with someone with a sense of entitlement, and a bad and negative attitude? The women whom I have been out on dates who were like that were in their mid-30s and they were just awful. Maybe I am meeting women in the wrong places, but it seems as though many women in their mid-30s are like this.

I am not saying that I wouldn’t marry a woman who was 35, but she would have to be an exception person. I want to start a family and want a woman who is likely to be fertile.

Is it unfair to view a woman in her late 20s as a better mate than a woman in her mid-30s, if all other things are equal? Maybe it is unfair; however, I bet that a large number of single women in their mid-30s unfairly excluded a large percentage of men who were the same age as them when they were in their mid-20s because they thought that those guys were boring or lacking in confidence.

82Jess December 29, 2010 at 7:40 am Well I agree with one thing. When it comes to biology life is seldom fair or kind. Otherwise there would no such thing as varicose veins, double chins, impotence, early menopause or bald patches.

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